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Top 10 Personal Development Courses List For 2020




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Do you need some personal development?

We are all in need of development, to grow as individuals as well as social animals. Growth is even more important when it comes to working in teams and being a manager.

At Zoe Talent Solutions, we offer several courses which can help individuals and team players to polish and fine-tune their personalities which help them perform better.


Top 10 Personal Development Courses List For 2020

Here are the top 10 personal development courses list which will bloom your professional career.

1.Developing Creativity

This course will teach you how to develop your creativity by using gamification, mind mapping, confronting negative thoughts and other ways to improve your memory.

2. Organizational Skills

This training course will teach you efficient ways to organize your time, tasks, distractions, creating deadlines and many more to improve your efficiency at your workplace.

3. Delegation Skills

This training course will teach you effective delegation skills and techniques to excel at your workplace.

4. Win-Win Negotiation Skills

This training course will teach you efficient negotiation skills and techniques which will help you achieve your business objectives keeping good relationship with buyers, sellers, and other managers.

5. Time Management

This training course will teach you how to effectively manage your time both at your office and home.  This course will also teach you how to perform your daily tasks timely without any stress.

6. Memory Improvement

This training program is solely focused on how to improve your memory through various techniques and software.

7. Life Skills Workshop

This program will teach you how to improve your life skills especially your social skills, self-improvement, and social resistance skills.

 8. Job Hunting Skills

This program will teach you essential skills and techniques on how to land your dream job. It will also show you on how to create a stunning resume and high-quality sales pitch which will get attention from the potential employer.

9. Interpersonal Skills

This training program will teach you how to improve your interpersonal skills to the next higher level and effectively manager your diverse relationships.

10. Communication Skills

This training course provides practical, effective tools to enable clear and effective communication in all aspects of both your personal and work-related relationships with skills like reading body language, recognizing personality types, active listening and much more.


You can head over to our personal development courses category to check all the courses we are offering on these subjects. Feel free to reach our team with any customised course request, that is better suited for your particular training requirements.


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