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    Can a CHEAP TABLET make PROFESSIONAL ART? For those looking for the best tablet to buy right now, you’ve come to the right place. We’re reviewed and ranked all the latest slates to bring you our best tablets list, helping you find the perfect device.

    The Question is which one to BUY?

    Tablets are one of tech’s most versatile purchases. You can use them to watch films, send emails, browse the web or even make music. If the size of your phone screen just doesn’t cut it, then a tablet is the perfect companion.

    1. Apple iPad 9.7in
    2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3
    3. Apple iPad Pro 11in
    4. Microsoft Surface Pro 6.
    5. 10.5-inch iPad Pro
    6. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
    7. Amazon Fire HD 8
    8. iPad mini 4
    9. Huawei MediaPad M5 8.4
    10. Google Pixel Slate

    The best tablets available today are ready to be part-time laptop replacements for plenty of people. At the least, this means a nice keyboard and software features you’d find on desktops or a traditional laptop. They have to be portable and light, yet powerful enough for your workflow.

    Apple’s iPad Pro with iOS 12 takes the lead thanks to its strong app ecosystem, but there are some incredible Android tablets, too. The best Windows tablet also makes a showing on our top 10 tablets list.

    Top Best Tablets, which one to BUY?

    Our tablet rankings are based on several geeked-out factors including performance, battery life and screen quality, though price plays an all-important role in the final verdict. This means some tablets that are better on paper, like Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 over the Tab S3, are dinged for offering less value.

    Not everyone wants an iPad. Although Apple’s share of the market continues to increase, Android tablets still possess plenty of allure, not least because of their seamless integration with the Google ecosystem. Not all Android tablets are created equal, though, so it’s best to narrow down exactly what you’re looking for in a tablet before dropping several hundred bucks.

    Do you want raw power or an enormous display? Would you rather opt for marathon battery life or find a great keyboard? Below are our picks for the best Android tablets for every situation imaginable. Just grab your favorite, set up that device, download a few hot apps, and you’re ready to rock

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