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relax music

Relax Music for sleep, meditation and study

Relax Music – The Solfeggio Frequencies – Vol. 1

Meditation has been derived from the Latin word “Meditatio”, meaning “align to the center”. Meditation is perfect for strengthening body, mind and soul and get them into balance.

The meditative state is neurologically measurable as a change in brain waves.

Download The Solfeggio Frequencies!


This relaxing music is perfect for all kinds of meditation, yoga, trance and even for hypnosis or hypnotherapists.

It can bring your meditation to a deeper level! The music offered here contains all 9 Solfeggio Frequencies, together with nature sounds and soothing music.

The Frequencies pure, as usually offered, sound “naked” and sometimes even disturbing. Together with this harmonic background, the Frequencies can reveal their effect perfectly and lead to a deep relaxation.

The 9 Solfeggio Frequencies with their vibration (hz) and effect:

0:00 174 hz – reduce physical pain, connect with earth

0:35 285 hz – strengthen visual imagination and energy fields

0:51 396 hz – liberation from guilt and fear

1:08 417 hz – resonance with the universe, changes

1:25 528 hz – miracles & love frequency

2:00 639 hz – harmonious relations with our neighbors and partners

2:17 741 hz – awakening intuition

2:34 852 hz – “return to spiritual order”

2:51 963 hz – activate the pineal gland


The Solfeggio Frequencies – Vol. 2:

Another music that is great for meditation and relaxation is the so-called 432 Hz Music.

432 Hz Music – Vol. 1:

432 Hz Music – Vol. 2: