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how to automare news website or blog

How to Automate Your Online News Website or Blog 100%

How to automate your online News Website or blog 100% is the question that i have been asking for a long time! If you have a news website or any other blog and you want to automate unlimited content generation for  your website and automatically share that content to social media like Facebook pages, Facebook groups (comments on Facebook groups) Instagram, Twitter, Tumbler, Pinterest and many more social media, than this is the right solution for you!

If you aske a programmer to do this job for you, it’s going to cost you thousands of $$$$ and you will be very limited to the features, while with this combination of tools that I am going to present to you, you will be looking like you are a news agency or you have a professional team of 20 people who write content about your topic every single day and shares on social media!

With this combination of tools, you can set up the system to post automatically every 10 minutes as many posts as you want from any website that you like!

All you need to do is get used to the tools and set up properly and after that you can sit back, relax and see the traffic coming to your site as well as make money from ads.

Imagine having a website that generates content automatically, shares the content to your social media networks like facebook page, Instagram, pinterest, twiter, etc.. share the content to Facebook groups etc. This is all you need to have a successful online business up and running.

This is just a recommendation from my side since personally I have been dealing with blogs and news sites for a long time and if you don’t automate this kid of business it is very difficult to survive.

Some of the tools are free some are paid but you can check out and decide if you want to take your business to the next level and let the business work for you.

Highly Recommended:

I recommend you open a brand-new Gmail account and create new accounts for these tools so you can manage everything from your one email account!

How to automate your online News Website or blog

Here are the 5 steps How to Automate Your Online News Website or Blog:

  1. Get a hosting provider with a free domain name
  2. Choose a Theme (We recommend paid theme since you buy it once and you never have problems)
  3. Get the proven Plugin that generates content automatically for your website
  4. Get the Plugin that shares the content to Social media
  5. Get the Plugin that Shares content on Facebook groups and commnet as well
  6. BONUS – Increase your Social Media Reach and Engagement

 1. Get a Hosting Provider and a free Domain Name

One of the best recommended and cheapest Hosting plan you can get is Bluehost

How to Automate Your Online News Website or Blog 100% 1

Here is a Step by Step guide how to Sep Up and e-commerce website

2. Get your News/Blog Theme

This is one of the Best News Theme that is in compliance to automate your online News Website or blog

Create a great news website with this newspaper template. This bestseller theme is perfect for blogging and excellent for a news, newspaper, magazine, publishing or review site. It supports videos from YouTube. AMP and mobile ready. GDPR compliant, the theme is fast, simple, and easy to use for a cryptocurrency, fashion, food, lifestyle, modern, personal, travel, luxury, viral, minimal, minimalist projects, web development and more.

Integrated with Instagram, bbPress Forum, BuddyPress and WooCommerce, it uses the best clean SEO practices. Newspaper supports responsive Google Ads and AdSense.

How to Automate Your Online News Website or Blog 100% 2

2.1 Blog Theme

This is one of the Best Theme for Blog and Influencers

BRIDGE is a responsive retina multipurpose WordPress theme perfect for just about anyone. Whether you are a creative, a corporate team, a lawyer, a medical doctor or a freelancer looking for a modern portfolio website or a personal blog, Bridge is your best option.

Build with WPBakery or Elementor – it’s your choice!

How to Automate Your Online News Website or Blog 100% 3


3. Automatic Content Generator for your Website or Blog

Get Content generator Here

This plugin posts from almost any website to WordPress automatically. It can import from popular sites like Youtube and Twitter utilizing their APIs or from almost any website of your choice using its scraping modules.

Auto post from any web page to WordPress
Single-page scraper can import the wanted part from any URL. It will keep monitoring this part and copy to a new post or update an existing post if it changes.

Auto post from any website to WordPress
Multi-page scraper can import multiple posts from any website. It also supports pagination so you can import all posts from almost any website.

Read Full Features Here

How to Automate Your Online News Website or Blog 100% 4

4. Social Networks Auto Poster

A free plugin that comes with lots of social media network integrations. It lets you share both new and old posts by automatically re-publishing them on your channels. It also auto-imports comments and mentions from social media as WordPress comments.

You can choose what stuff to publish, what not to publish, and when to publish. Set these options in a few clicks, and NextScripts will do the rest for you. If you want specific hours and days, you can also schedule or delay your posts.

5. Modern Facebook Groups Poster and commenter

Get your Auto Poster HERE

Some of its features

  1. Posting comments to latest group post
  2. NO Facebook app uses graph api access token
  3. multiple accounts
  4. and many more
How to Automate Your Online News Website or Blog 100% 5
How to Automate Your Online News Website or Blog 100% 6


Get Your BONUS Here

If you want to Increase the Reach and Engagement of your Audience than this is all you need. Create a stunning quiz page that makes your audience engage with your content and automatically increase Reach of your social media pages.

How to Automate Your Online News Website or Blog 100% 7